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Social Media Marketing Services Result Dubai UAE


Digital marketing services

I use AI, content & psychology to drive awareness & conversions with digital marketing

Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Data analysis

Social media marketing

Search engine optimization

Marketing automation

Content marketing

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Content creation











Google Analytics




2022 – Present: Gebeya Inc.

2020 – 2021: Cactus Communications

2017 – 2018: Zeleman Communications

Key Achievements:

  • 70% open rates on email campaigns, 20% conversion rate on landing pages, and 40%+ click-through rates on social media posts

  • Bolstered open rate for nurturing email sequences by 40%.

  • Achieved 81% open rate and an impressive 9.26% reply rate for emails, showcasing audience engagement.

  • Elevated conversion rates by 30% through effective landing page copy. 

  • Attained 30% lead conversion rate creating irresistible lead magnets and compelling landing pages.

  • Increased over 100% in organic social media link clicks, crafting compelling copy and captions for social media pages.

  • Drove online lead generation through strategic webinars and targeted outreach tactics.

  • Boosted 1000% link clicks on a single social media post via persona research and improved communication.

  • Improved social media impressions and engagement by 10X through content curation

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved 1.8M+ views and a remarkable 5.9% engagement rate on a social media Christmas influencer campaign.

  • Engaged over 1.2M accounts for clients, creating digital calendars and executed paid ad campaigns.

  • Attained 7% engagement rate and 1M+ views by increasing awareness of a new channel for a direct broadcast service through a strategically planned social media  influencer campaign.

Key Achievements:

  • Drove sales growth for two consumer products by orchestrating a comprehensive advertising campaign, including TV and radio commercials, billboards, flyers, and digital designs.

  • Secured successful campaigns by developing persuasive advertising pitches and proposals.

  • Managed the production of 35+ documentaries, highlighting the impactful work of NGOs such as FAO, UNICEF, UNFPA, and GAIN.


Digital Marketer and Social Media Specialist, Freelance – 2021 -Present


Business Development/Founder, Knitting Startup – 2018-2020

Marketing Representative, MoHA Soft Drinks Industry Share Company – 2016

Key Achievements:

  •  3x the estimated Facebook ad reach for a C2C app through designing and implementing a teaser ad campaign

  • Raised the accounts reach of a dead Instagram account by 34,083%. Also boosted engagement by 15,125% through engagement and posting strategies

  • Enhanced the Instagram influence of a product chain by 307%. Also improved engagement by 272% through engagement and posting strategies

  • Launched Pepsi anew in Addis Ababa through rebranding and fixing brand positioning

  • Picked up sales among the target demographic

  • Grew brand visibility and awareness through liaising with departments

A few results

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